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Water damage can be a devastating experience. You may not know where to turn for help, but we’re here to provide the best in Miami water damage restoration services. We have over 20 years of experience and are committed to providing our customers with excellent service from start to finish. Our team is available 24/7 and will work hard until your home or business is restored back to its original condition.

If you need professional assistance restoring your property after a flood, fire, or other disaster, call us today! We offer free estimates so there’s no risk involved when contacting us for more information about our services. Let us take care of all the dirty work while you focus on what matters most – rebuilding your life after this unfortunate event has taken place.

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How much worse could your day get if you’re dealing with a burst pipe, hurricane, flood or leaky roof in addition to everything else going on? With 24/7 emergency service and same-day appointments available for emergencies big and small, we can help. Call today!

Not only do our experts handle all types of water damage from the quick fix like bursting pipes to disaster recovery after storms or floods; they also work quickly so that life returns back to normal as soon as possible. Give us a call now before it’s too late – don’t wait until these things become an enormous problem which is even more difficult (and expensive) than just hiring someone who deals exclusively in this type of situation every single time.

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Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most common problems homeowners face. You can protect your home from flood and water damage with a Water Damage Protection plan from State Farm.

Fire Damage

If you have a fire in your home, chances are you need water damage restoration. Call our specialists today for the best service and fast response times!

Mold Remediation

Have you noticed that your house seems musty and dirty? Are there black spots on the walls or ceilings? molds are a sign of uncleanliness. Here at Castle Cleaning, we have the solution to these problems!

Smoke Restoration

Smoke damage is a tough problem to tackle. Following the extent of your smoke-related damages, our specialists will use onsite and offsite techniques depending on what’s necessary for restoration.

Hire us for any water damage related work

When you’re dealing with water damage in a home or business, it can be difficult to know where to turn for help.

That’s why we offer the best Miami water restoration services available. We have over 20 years of experience and are committed to providing our customers with excellent service from start to finish.

Our team is ready to handle any type of water damage situation that comes their way. From the emergency response, drying out your property, mold remediation, and reconstruction – we do it all! We work hard every day so you don’t have to!

Frequently asked question about Miami water damage restoration

Water damage comes in many different forms, and it’s not always easy to predict the damage that will happen. The amount, duration (in hours per week), the location of a leak (particularly if it is inside the walls) will change how damage can happen.

Water can cause mold or mildew to form within your walls or ceilings, which may have significant health consequences for you and your family – especially those with asthma or other respiratory problems. Rotten lumber often becomes soft and unstable when exposed to water over a long period of time so using water-damaged wood in your construction project could not only be dangerous but illegal as well.

Ultimately, it is better to err on the side of caution by saving money now

You have three options for treating water damage:

1) Dispose of all wet contents in the area
2) Remove any standing water and slowly allow remaining moisture to evaporate away
3) call a professional, such as Wind Stream Miami, to fix the damaged location.
If you need help from a service provider, the staff will evaluate what needs to be replaced or fixed. Items that are not salvageable usually become part of the restoration process when dried-out carpets are pulled up by experts and disposed of appropriately. The cleanup can take place during dry times or following someone’s “wet” visit; either way, it doesn’t matter who gets there first – just get them there quickly.

It’s possible to dry out water damage – the key is to cut off power, remove any standing water and dry before mold has a chance. Mold can take as much as 48 hours to develop under ideal conditions. If you don’t want the hassle of cutting off power or identifying where the leak started, just contact your local fire department for assistance in getting things dried out quickly.

Restoring a home to the condition it was in prior to water damage is not as expensive as you might think, but it’s rarely a do-it-yourself project. Here are some ballpark estimates for major items you may need to purchase and install after your home has been fully dried out and sanitized:

Product/service Cost Curtains $300-$500 Carpet installation or replacement $9/ft Fabric sofa $2,000 Wood floors (per room) $3,000 -$4,000 Replacement cabinet doors (kitchen) $150 each Tile flooring installation per room* varies.

Although repairing water damage is very expensive, many homeowners find that the cost of neglecting it can be even higher.

Yes. In fact, many policies immediately treat water damage as a covered peril and will often cover the repair or replacement of damaged items like carpeting or cabinets, regardless of whether or not your coverage includes flooding.

Water damage is probably one of the most common forms of property damage. A typical homeowner’s policy pays for repairs to structures such as foundations, exterior walls, roofs, chimneys – anything that is part of the structure itself (not improvements inside). It also may pay for losses from broken plumbing pipes and toilets that do not cause flooding. The insurance company does not have an obligation to make you whole again by reimbursing you for everything but devastation caused by fire or other disasters are excluded from most homeowner catastrophe-insurance.